Frequently Asked Questions

What does "season long" mean?

Every Green Drop program includes season long fertilizer and broadleaf weed control. When you purchase a full program, you will receive a minimum of 5 visits. If you sign up for a package mid-season you may receive fewer visits. Our package price at the time of purchase reflects the number of services we have time to complete for the remainder of the season.

When are my services scheduled?

All Green Drop services are automatically scheduled at the perfect time throughout the season to provide optimal results. You may find that exact dates of each visit vary from year to year depending on weather and growing conditions.

What is included with each service?

All Green Drop services are specifically designed to make it beautiful outside. Check out the details of all the services provided in your city:

What is your 100% guarantee?

Our programs are fully guaranteed, so if the results are not meeting your expectations, simply contact us and we will return at no charge and correct the issue. Guaranteed!

Are your products safe for my kids & pets?

Absolutely! Green Drop only uses approved products when and where they are needed. Some products are sticky, so we simply recommend staying off the lawn until it is dry to avoid tracking—product usually dries within a few hours.

When does your season start/end?

Our season is at the mercy of Mother Nature, but we do our best to visit your yard as soon as possible each year. In general terms our season begins in April and concludes in October.

Do I need to clean up my yard first?

Excess dog droppings, debris, leaves, and toys can affect our ability to complete your application. A clean yard helps us provide the best possible service to our subscribers.

Your GreenKeeper was only here for a few minutes; did they do my entire lawn?

GreenKeepers are trained to apply the perfect amount of product per yard, every time. Green Drop has this down to a science. An average residential application only takes a short time to complete. Front & back yards are always done, unless otherwise specified.

My weeds aren’t dying. Can you come back?

Of course! If pesky weeds are still present ten days after an application, we will return at no charge to take care of them. Service calls are always free!

My application was done in the rain. Will my application still be effective?

Yes! Fertilizer loves water and it will actually benefit the application. Weed control results will depend on the type and severity of the rain. If after 7 days you feel that your application has not provided the desired result simply contact us and we will return at no extra cost.

When can I mow my lawn after an application?

Once you have had time to water in the application, feel free to lay down those stripes! Remember, mowing your lawn at 2½ to 3 inches will produce the happiest, healthiest lawn in town.

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